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Finding the Unexpected in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Opening weekend, I saw Solo: A Star Wars Story twice.  This wasn’t something I expected to do.  Like many, I expected to be underwhelmed by a movie about young Han Solo.  We all know the narrative: it’s an “unnecessary” film – a cash grab by money-hungry Disney dead-set on pimping out a galaxy far, far away until we all scream like a Wookie.  The evidence stacked up against it.  Solo is a film no one asked for starring an unknown with a nigh-unpronounceable name (Alden Ehrenreich) that suffered from well-publicized behind-the-scenes problems resulting in a complete midcourse change-up of the creative team.  It was expected to be dead-on-arrival.   Of course, I was going to see it… eventually.  I’m an 80s kid who grew up playing with Star Wars action figures and swinging my mother’s dowel rods around like a lightsaber, breaking anything in reach.  Complain as I might, seeing the movie was a foregone conclusion.  At best, I assumed, Solo couldn’t disappoint me any worse than what I f