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Olivia's Recital

The following six pieces of micro-fiction/essay served as spoken word interstitials for a cello recital recently performed by my sister.  Each piece was read before a thematically-connected piece of music.  Hope you enjoy... Intro             You are someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, someone’s lover, someone’s sister.   You are all these things.             (Feel free to flip the gender, if you prefer.)             What more besides?             You are friend and enemy.   You are mentor and mentee.   You are collaborator and competitor.   You are believer and believed.   Artist and audience.             You give and give and give.   Then, having given so much, you wonder why you have not taken.   So you do.             You love unconditionally until you remember that there are conditions.   You hate uncontrollably for want of control.             You are what you are, yes.   But you are, also, what they see.   Most often, you are a chorus.   At times, though - w